TamaKa Program 2022

Tamang Kandidato Sa Eleksyon (TamaKa) is a values-based voter education program developed by Bawa’t Isa Mahalaga (B1M) Movement. It is designed for youth groups, schools, churches, and local communities. It can also be implemented for workers of private companies and government offices.

Question: Why is there a need for a new voter education program?

Most voter education seminars are designed for information dissemination, with very little interaction with participants. Some voter education seminars even prescribe how people should vote. People who go through some of these seminars tend to experience information overload. Many of them end up not remembering the information they receive.

At the same time, most voters recognize their lack of knowledge about the candidates who run for office. But they neither have the time nor the inclination to do research and vet the candidates. And even if they did, most voters are not aware of the inherent assumptions, beliefs and biases that drive their voting decisions, and how they can be manipulated by propaganda.

Unfortunately, in the Philippines, money-politics dominate the electoral contest. Most voters, when left on their own, tend to vote only for candidates with the loudest campaigns and name recall. Candidates with the funds to spend on advertising and on building their political organizations have unfair advantage. So do celebrities and members of political dynasties. These candidates will be first in people’s minds and will most likely end up in their ballots come election day.

Highly qualified, upright and quite possibly more deserving candidates, but who are not popular and do not have the money nor the organization to run large political campaigns rarely get considered. Election after election, our nation loses the opportunity to bring the best and the brightest Filipinos to public office. The Tamang Kandidato program envisions a time when we can have upright, highly qualified candidates for public office seriously considered by majority of voters during elections. We have an opportunity to work towards this goal this coming May 2022 elections.

TamaKa Voter Education

Question: How is TamaKa different from other voter education seminars?

TamaKa is an interactive voter education program designed to bring out people’s hidden assumptions and values that drive their electoral preferences. Through guided discussions, TamaKa influences people to vote more consistently with their highest values, both as Filipino citizens and as believers in God. TamaKa can be implemented online or face-to-face, for small or large groups of people.

TamaKa is based on key principles of Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a model for adult learning that engages people in self-determined change. Trained facilitators help participants reflect on what they truly value as individuals, and what they value as members of their communities. They are guided to think about how these values are reflected in their voting preferences.

Integrated into the process are discussions on the fundamentals of democracy, the sovereign authority of Filipinos according to the Constitution, the evil of corruption, and the value of putting the right people in the right government jobs. The process helps participants appreciate the importance of making choices based on values, and in evaluating candidates based on these values. Participants are challenged to be active in holding elected officials to account.

TamaKa: may be implemented in the following modes

ONLINE WEBINARS – for small groups using group videocall apps (FB Messenger Rooms); for medium-sized groups using videoconferencing apps (Zoom, Google Meet); for large audiences using online livestreaming (Facebook Live, Youtube Live)

  • FACE-to-FACE workshops with breakout groups for small to medium sized groups
  • LIVE EVENTS for large groups (subject to health protocols and IATF advisories)

TamaKa 2022 Modules

We have two (2) modules available

  • Tamang Ako Module – This is a two-hour module on voter values. It helps participants appreciate their identity as people created in the image of God to be stewards of the nation, and as members of the sovereign Filipino people with the highest authority in the land.
  • Tamang Kandidato Module – This is a two-and-a half-hour module on choosing the right candidate for President. It helps participants discern who among the candidates possess qualities consistent with our highest values as Christian believers and as Filipino citizens.

    This is best implemented after participants go through the Tamang Ako module